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How to Change Your Lifestyle to be Healthy

The biggest challenge I hear from mums when it comes to injecting a bit of health and wellness into their daily routine is that – now is just not a good time to start.

So how to change your lifestyle to be healthy?

Is it ever a good time?

We never have the 'right time.

You know what, the wrong time is the BEST time.

Habit changing when everything is running smoothly is fake. It won't last.

Doing it when things are REAL. When life is delivering blows.

Now that will get you places.


Because moving house happens, marriage troubles happen, kids starting a new school happens, weddings happen, funerals happen, going on holidays happen, birthdays happen, new jobs and study happens, kids happen, long days…and short sleepless nights ALL happen.

My secret, my key to staying healthy is not finding a time where life is running smoothly and dedicate my time to eating well and exercising.

Hell no. I’ll probably be dead before that happens.

And in all seriousness...that is how it plays out for some people.

We all have that in our heads. “When…then”.

When the kids start school THEN I’ll join the gym.

When I finish studying THEN I’ll focus on eating better.

When the baby is sleeping through the night THEN I can try stretching in the morning.

The truth is those times virtually never come.

Or if they do it is fleeting. Baby sleeps through the night, but then their day sleeps go to shit. Or baby becomes more mobile and you’re now trying to stop them getting into everything and can’t sit them down whilst you stretch.

Life will ALWAYS have something new for you.

The trick is not to wait for this elusive ‘right moment’ – but treat every moment as the right one.

After all – would you rather find the right moment to get healthy... OR the right moment to throw your back out, struggle through depression or anxiety, or worse - have a heart attack?

No, I’d rather find the right moment to focus on my health thanks!

So here are my quick and easy ways to inject a bit of health and wellness into your day.

How to Change Your Lifestyle to be Healthy


Finding 5 – 10 minutes in the morning to warm your body up with a stretch can sometimes seem a bit challenging, however, it can make a world of difference.

Doing some simple downward dogs and sun salutations will wake your body up, keep you active and limber. As well as decreasing your risk of injury when running after the kiddos or picking up the baby out of the cot.

Be grateful

At dinner time – or any meal where you are all together – take a couple minutes for each person to share what they’re grateful for that day. It can be as simple as finding a park outside the supermarket through to getting a nice email from a client.

Little kids can join in to, but I find it is easier for them to talk about something that makes them happy, laugh, or smile that day.

Do Meat-free Monday

Join us for a meat-free evening meal on Mondays. Well I’m not actually inviting you over. But I am suggesting a virtual dinner date. Follow our Monday Meat-free options for ideas the whole family might buy into.

Avoid all-or-nothing thought patterns. I find a lot of families go “oh I want to be plant-based / go vegetarian / become vegan, however, none of my family is on board / it is too hard to come up with meals that fulfill all our nutrient meals” etc etc.

Forget all that. Keep it simple. Make one night a week meat free. It is better than nothing right!?

Overtime you might challenge that a bit and make more nights meat free – but keep it simple right now.

Have a solid breakfast

Breakfast sets you up for the day. Research time and time again shows us that skipping breakfast is detrimental for weight management.

Often breakfast is the easiest meal to do right. Try some oats with fruit or wholegrain toast with Chia Seed Jam or avocado, tomato, and cracked pepper.

You want to aim for complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Plant-based proteins such as legumes, quinoa, and amaranth. Plus healthy fats - avocado, nuts, and seeds.

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