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Realistic Examples of Family Goals You Can Adapt

It's pretty hard to find real examples of family goals we can adapt to in real life.

Often in health instead of looking at where something failed, it can also be helpful looking at why something went well.


What was different?

Why did that one person manage to turn their life around compared with another? What was their protective factor?

So why do women fair better? I think it is for two reasons;

We talk, we share - I believe this is the most important point

Traditionally we had slightly less pressure on us

Some people may disagree with point two.

I'm not saying we had less to do, or that life was easier...but historically being a woman allowed us the grace to focus on children and household.

"Oh she's a women, she can't do that," was a commonly held belief. Was it sexist, incorrect, and horribly frustrating?? Yes of course!

But it did remove some of the society pressure of juggling multiple lives, finances, and stressors...put that burden onto men, and we can see that in suicide rates.

Fast-forward a few generations and how many 'jobs' do you have now?

Here are my previous examples of family goals

Business Owner

Programme Manager

Child Health Nutritionist


Mother and Wife

Therapist to friends and family

Project manager on our home renovations

Taxi driver to and from preschool, swimming, ballet etc



Personal shopper

Personal trainer

Also in our favor, and what I believe to be the most important protective factor, is that we talk.

We talk about what is bothering us, how we are feeling, what we are struggling with.

We share, laugh, and cry with our friends about it.

But this is changing too.

I know my life is so busy that I don't often have time for friends.

That is the raw honesty of it. My work colleagues become my friends, and I'm lucky I have amazing colleagues.

However, there are some bits of dirty laundry you don't want to air in the workplace.

Some women turn to online support.

However, for many this is just adding to the pressure.

The New Age Woman

Online we are bombarded with the new age woman.

She does EVERYTHING and she looks good whilst she does it.

When a friend announced she was pregnant this week there were cries of "Wohoo this will show the world that women can do it all" ringing out through our office.

I didn't join them.

Don't get me wrong, I am so so very happy that their desire to have children has been made a reality. But she is a human.

She is a real-life living breathing human being.

What if she did the test and said "shit...I've just taken the biggest job of my career and I'm pregnant".

I can imagine her being super excited given their now exposed fertility history.

However what if a part of her was really scared, really worried.

What if she cant do it all?

What if she develops perinatal depression or anxiety?

What if she gets mastitis, or her husband has a really important business trip and the baby gets sick, what if it has an illness that means it needs extended hospitalization?

Should we really be holding her to account for showing the world that women can do everything? Is that really fair?

To me her announcement highlights the need for us to stop embracing women doing it all.

Rather we need to relook at how we structure society.

How are expectations of what is normal impacting the way we run our businesses and lives?

How does any of these cute family goals relate to my new years resolutions?

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you should spend the night with a mosquito - African proverb

I firmly believe that each and every person should re-evaluate their own cute family goals expectation of themselves.

Do you really need to achieve everything you put down for yourself?

If you do work towards it, how well can you really do it alongside everything else that needs to get done?

I find family goals fail for two reasons

1) They're not in line with your real desires:

This year I'm going to get my bikini body! Really?

Is that THE most important thing to you?

If you are overweight then yes health and being fit could definitely be a priority if you wish, but who are you getting skinny for?

Where is the motivation coming from?

It's not a good family goal examples, it's more a personal goals examples

2) They're not realistic examples of family goals

This year I'm going to;

Keep my house clean

Go for that job promotion

Bake with my kids every week

Make kids clothes from scratch

Be more environmentally conscious

Swear off meat

Pre-cook all my meals and store them

Get a puppy

Have another baby

Go on one family vacation each school holidays

Sit with my kids and help them with their homework

Do a PHD

Make sure the kids play more and dont spend time in front of the screen

Volunteer at a charity

Get 8 hours sleep

Drink more water

Exercise every day

Phew I need a sleep just writing that!

What are these goals telling society, what are they telling other women?

Obtain perfection.

And perfection is a clean house, disposable income, rock hard body, a troop of kids, plus pet, an environmental and social conscious, being an involved parent, having a great job, proving you are well educated, and looking freaking amazing whilst you do it all.

So I plead with you this - relook at your aspirations, your goals, your resolutions.

Imagine your best friend reading them out to you.

Would you agree with her completing them or would you think she is being crazy?

What are your aspirations saying to other women?

Where are they coming from?

Do they truly matter to you or are they a representation of what you think women SHOULD be able to do in a modern world?

Utilize these instances of family goals to assist your household establish much healthier practices, develop more powerful bonds, and accomplish your family's vision.

All objectives are not produced equivalent. There are many objectives that you will wish to start on quicker compared to later on. These may be objectives that you've currently determined as essential, however have been placing off, previously. Listed below are 3 objectives that I suggest to every household as a beginning factor.

Examples of Family Goals

1. Begin a Unique Cost financial savings Money

Does your household discuss doing something huge with each other or production a big buy, however you never ever have the funds offered? Possibly there's an expense that the household might profit everybody in the household. Your children may be requesting a trampoline for the yard or your household may wish to update the TV or computer system.

nstead of waiting up till you acquire an additional round figure of money, produce an unique cost financial savings money to conserve for it. This could be a household piggy financial institution that everybody could include to at any moment. Viewing the bucks accumulate will maintain everybody in the household inspired to maintain functioning to this objective.

2. Begin a Brand-new Household Pastime

If your relative have the tendency to be spread and associated with their very own tasks or pastimes the majority of the moment, it might be time to begin a brand-new household pastime to bring everybody with each other.

Having actually a household pastime is a fantastic objective for any type of household. It is a method to obtain everybody functioning to a typical objective and having a good time! This might be discovering a brand-new ability with each other, doing sporting activities with each other, or doing something in your home such as beginning a household yard. These tasks permit your relative to collect in an enjoyable environment while decreasing the quantity of time invested in electronic gadgets. A household pastime could likewise be a fantastic device for alleviating tension, enhancing interaction abilities, discovering something brand-new, or expanding an current ability with each other.

There are specific family goals that you will wish to deal with at routine periods such as regular, regular month-to-month, or also annual. And after that there are various other objectives that could be began anytime. Listed below are some instances of family goals that the household could deal with with each other, at any moment of the year. You could begin functioning on these whenever you desire and establish your very own target day to total them.

3. Have Dishes With each other.

This is most likely one of the most fundamental objective any type of household could establish; however I cannot inform you exactly just how challenging it's for numerous households to place this in position. Having actually routine dishes with each other is a difficulty for a lot of the households I satisfy. If you ask many moms and dads, they will state that household mealtime incorporate deeply with their household worths. However they will after that reveal exactly just how challenging it's to obtain everybody to rest to consume at the exact very same time.

Having actually dishes with each other does not need to be made complex, however. Establish an objective with your household to begin having actually supper with each other a couple of evenings each week, and to consume with each other on weekend breaks when routines might be much a lot extra unwinded.

The moment invested at the supper table is revealed to have numerous favorable advantages for children consisting of increasing scholastic efficiency and maintaining them from difficulty. So take a seat and damage bread as a household.

4. Go to With Prolonged Household

Remaining touching prolonged household is a healthy and balanced practice to establish within your house. Depending upon the closeness of your connection and where they online, you might think about producing an objective to go to with prolonged household each year. You may alternating going to them at their house and having actually them concern your own. Whether they're grandparents, aunts and uncles, relatives or various other relative, going to personally assists to prolong the bonds and links within your instant household.

Understanding that they belong to a bigger household network, and being included because network, could have numerous advantages to your kids and you. It protects your household background and brings understanding that you are all component of a people that started lengthy back.

Understanding that you're gotten in touch with far-off family members likewise offers a security web for your your children and household.

5. Do a Neighborhood Solution Job With each other

Instructing children to add to their neighborhood at a young age is a lesson they'll bring forever. Is your household enthusiastic regarding a specific trigger? Determine a neighborhood solution job that you would certainly prefer to deal with with each other as a household. Whether your household is enthusiastic regarding safeguarding pets, assisting those with unique requirements, the atmosphere, or another thing, there many methods you could obtain included.

A couple of locations to appearance consist of your regional Social Solutions Companies, medical facilities, churches, or companies such as American Red Go across or A good reputation. Discover a job that aligns with your family's typical enthusiasms and assists your neighborhood at the exact very same time. You and your kids will expand from these experiences, enhance household bonds, and really feel a feeling of benefit by returning.

6. Remove Unnecessary Things from Your House

Establish an objective to declutter your house with each other as a household. And do this on a quarterly basis to maintain your house clutter-free. If there are points existing about your home that are damaged, old, and have no additional utilize or function, obtain eliminate them. You could contribute, offer, recycle, or just toss it out.

If the children have mounds of damaged playthings or playthings that they no much longer have fun with, allow them assistance select which ones to hand out or contribute. Impart in them that high top quality, not amount, issues when it concerns product belongings.

7. Establish a Allocate Vacation Investing

Every January do you really feel that you are having fun capture up from extreme vacation investing? This year produce an objective about your allocate vacation investing. Appearance at exactly just how a lot you've invested in the previous. Establish a limitation and produce an allocate present providing. Likewise, determine as a household exactly just how you would certainly prefer to commemorate the vacations. While gift-giving is the standard, it's not the just method to commemorate the period - and could really detract from the implying entirely. So, instruct your kids non-monetary methods to commemorate the vacation this year.

8. Present Your Household to Considerable Individuals in Your Life

Many individuals would certainly state that their relative are the essential individuals in their lives. However all of us understand that each people hangs out with others beyond the house that ends up being a huge component of our lives, as well. This might be your finest coworker, your exercise friend from the fitness center, or another person.

If there are individuals that are a huge component of your life outdoors the house, present them for your household. Take the secret from your life far from house by providing your household a peek right into what takes place at the workplace or in various other components of your life. This likewise assists to provide your household an gratitude of what you do and the points that are essential to you.

In some cases moms and dads are so bogged with daily needs that they typically aren't taking a look at the much longer call see. However looking in the future at where you desire your household to remain in the future is rather potentially among the essential elements of producing your household objective strategy. When you understand where you desire your household to wind up a number of months or also years from currently, you will be much a lot extra most likely to take actions to obtain them there. When this is done as a household task, it could assistance to bring your family's vision to life and provide everybody a feeling of combined function.

So, let's have a look at some yearly objectives that you and your household may wish to establish this year.

9. Draw credit rating records.

You may not recognize this, however everybody in the household, also the kids, have to have a credit rating record evaluate each year. Inspecting your credit rating record isn't something to just do when you have to financing a significant buy. Your credit rating is something that ought to be inspected on a routine basis, ideally yearly. Your credit rating record includes a document of each credit rating account that has ever been established in your call. Production certain that this info is precise will assistance you prevent issues in the future.

And it is not simply parents' credit rating that have to be inspected. Identification burglary is ending up being progressively typical, and a lot of these burglars are targeting kids. For that reason, it is smart to inspect the credit rating of everybody in the household as a component of your annual family goals.

10. Take a Household Picture

You most likely take numerous pictures on your electronic gadget throughout the year. However it is likewise good to have one expert picture of the whole household with each other. Taking expert household portraits each year does not need to be expensive either. There are numerous choices for obtaining inexpensive household portraits. Discover an offer on a website such as Groupon or go to a workshop at the shopping center.

Having actually household portraits assists protect your household memories and provides everybody a feeling of link and background each time they stroll by a beautiful framed picture of the entire household.

11. Take a Annual Household Holiday

When was the last time your household obtained far from whatever? Taking a periodic damage from the daily is required for each household. Establish a household objective to take a holiday and escape everything. Take a respite from your everyday routine of travelling, research, after-school tasks, and whatever else to reconnect as a household.

Household getaways are a fantastic method to concentrate on the household and subject everybody to brand-new experiences while producing enduring memories. Select locations that will thrill everybody in the household and obtain this on the schedule yearly.

If far-away locations are not a choice, strategy a staycation. Take an inexpensive holiday in your area, your very own specify, or a close-by specify. Programs such as CityPass provide you reduced bundle prices to trip a whole city such as Washington, Texas, Denver, much a lot extra, and California. This provides you the very best value while opening accessibility to several tourist destinations in one journey. The essential is to burst out of the typical regimens to provide everybody a revitalizing experience.

12. Deal with House Jobs

Do you have a to-do listing of house jobs that you never ever appear to obtain to? From repairing a leaking tap to cleansing out the garage, the listing of jobs we have to perform in our houses never ever appears to obtain much shorter, just much longer.

Make a listing of your pending jobs and place them on the schedule. Begin dealing with them one at a time and objective to total at the very least one job every quarter. Some instances of objectives for preserving your house are arranging the garden, obtaining cars serviced, cutting trees and shrubs, or production small repair works for your house.

If suitable, obtain the entire household included and have a household day. Functioning on these jobs with each other will provide your household a feeling of achievement and maintain your house looking gorgeous.

13. Location Worth on Experiences, Not Points

Nowadays it could be simple to decrease the rabbit opening of building up much a lot extra product points. It appears that somebody is constantly publishing regarding something brand-new they have or attempted. And possibly your kids get home and inform you tales regarding the brand-new playthings their buddies at institution have got. If we're not cautious, we might rapidly obtain captured up in the frame of mind that much a lot extra is much far better. However this is a big error.

Establish an objective for your household to begin moving the focus from points you wish to have, to points you wish to do or experience with each other as a household.

Household personal setting goal is frequently neglected. However establishing objectives along with your household could bring everybody with each other, enhance your experiences, and produce enduring memories. It likewise instructs important abilities to everybody in the household such as interaction and preparation.

Producing a pleased and healthy and balanced household environment is something all of us have to deal with. Establishing healthy and balanced family goals will help you and everybody in the household to establish confidence, a feeling of function, and a much deeper sensation of belonging.

14. Strategy Household Enjoyable Days

Establish an objective to have enjoyable with each other as a household on a regular monthly basis. Nowadays does not need to be completely planned with a program. they just need to be enjoyable. Frequently we're participated in innovation or tasks beyond the house and having actually a household enjoyable day at the very least when a month is a fantastic method to develop healthy and balanced household customs and maintain everybody focused.

On nowadays you could do enjoyable tasks about your home, in your very own back lawn, or go out in your area. Some concepts are to play video games in your yard, appreciate a regional show, view an outside film, go to the zoo, most likely to the coastline, go to a Botanical a lot much a lot extra, and Yard.

Obtain everybody with each other to produce a concept of listing of enjoyable household tasks. After that establish an objective to do one monthly. This provides everybody in the household something to appearance ahead to year-round.

15. Develop Our Family's Monetary Proficiency

Along with producing and handling a budget plan - as discussed previously - it is likewise essential to develop monetary proficiency for everybody in the household.

Monetary proficiency implies that you have the ability to utilize understanding and abilities to handle funds - such as your earnings or cost financial savings - efficiently. These assists develop a lifetime of monetary wellness. Acquiring these abilities is an important component of living a healthy and balanced life. And these abilities could be instructed to kids at extremely early years of age. Few concepts for structure monetary proficiency consist of:

- Ending up being a great negotiator

- Understanding ways to contrast store

- Conserving for points you would certainly prefer to purchase in the future spending

- Differentiating "requirements" from "desires"

- Learning how to stabilize a checkbook

Generally, many moms and dads concentrate on structure the children's scholastic abilities, however there is insufficient concentrate on structure finance abilities. Assistance your whole household to develop monetary proficiency by establishing this as an objective for your household. Assistance your kids develop a healthy and balanced frame of mind regarding cash from a young age.

16. Check out Physical Publications

Downloadable media such as eBooks provide a great deal of benefits. You could just swipe, faucet and continue reading your electronic gadget and take them with you anywhere. Nevertheless, your household might take advantage of reviewing a lot of extra physical publications, as well.

Reviewing physical publications provides an experience that you cannot obtain simply by taking a look at a display. And while publications do set you back much a lot extra and use up area, they're well worth the financial investment. Whether you purchase from or go to your regional Barnes and Worthy keep, having actual publications in your house will assistance develop healthy and balanced practices about reviewing. Not thinking about purchasing publications? Obtain publications from your public library.

Establish an objective for each relative to begin reviewing physical publications monthly.

17. Produce a Household Budget plan

The choices we make with each buck every day could either amount to a lifetime of safety and safety or having a hard time to earn finishes satisfy. While many people understand the call budget plan, very few people have truly functioned to develop one. However, when you consider it, producing a budget plan is equally as essential for your household as it's to a multi-million buck business. Besides, if you are a standard household that has to do with exactly just how a lot cash you'll most likely make throughout your lifetime. Discovering ways to maximize your family's profits and possessions will be essential to producing monetary health for your household. However exactly just how do you accomplish this? This is where the budget plan is available in. Begin proactively functioning on a budget plan, and evaluate it monthly. Utilize the household budget plan as a device to assist maintain your household financial resources on the right track and permit you to develop riches in numerous locations of life, not simply the checking account.

Some realistic examples of family goals

It's best to focus on family relationship goals.

One date night a fortnight for you and your partner (take turns planning so it isn't all on you to think up something to do!)

One playdate a week where you take the kid/s somewhere new in your town (and relax about all the other times you don't get to devote 100% attention on them)

Pick one energetic goals for family activity to do as a family at least 3 - 4 times per week.

Could be a bike ride around the block after dinner, a scoot at the park, or a bounce on the trampoline. Then forget all the other times you're sitting inside not running around.

Pick one long-term family goals examples thing at work you want to excel at.

Some family life goals you'd like to really do well at.

Do you want to book the most appointments?

Get a 5 star review

 Finally clear out your inbox? (me!)

Whatever types of family goals are, they aren't about being perfect.

It isn't about what society wants to see you as.

We are the people who create expectations for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our children. Let's start future family goals by being kind and making those expectations a bit more real-life.

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